A friend of mine shared this video with me today. It’s a good reminder to not be lazy with my form. I run barefoot any time I run at Kezar Stadium and I absolutely love it. Running barefoot in the actual city is not an option.

Fortunately, last year I was able to work with a running coach who outline a lot of these techniques on the track with me and shared that my form was actually quite good. A few things I focus on more than how I land are: Always making sure to have my core engaged when running, looking straight ahead to the horizon/holding head high, relaxing my shoulders (it helps to create the arm angle that he mentioned). The most beneficial thing I reaped from all this after training with a running coach last year, was that I found that once all of these things were in place - somehow I breathed better. I was much more focus and after doing it for awhile, my endurance was greatly lengthened. For an asthmatic, it’s really helpful to ensure that the proper oxygen is being sent throughout the body - because no matter how good you feel running/how far you think you can go… if your poor breathing tells you you’re done, then you’re done.

If you have a track near you, I definitely recommend trying these techniques.